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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know what to do at the funeral?

The Funeral Director will be there to assist and guide you, your family and friends.

Can the family carry the coffin?

Yes, do advise Gavin or his staff that this is your wish.

Can the deceased be brought home?

Yes, we can bring the deceased home either on the evening prior to the funeral or on the morning of the service.

Can we have our music played at the crematorium?

Yes, please let us know your choice of music as soon as possible.

Is each cremation carried out individually?

Yes, the Crematorium Attendant checks the coffin nameplate before it is placed in the cremation chamber.

How will I know who attended the funeral?

A member of Gavins staff will be at the church or crematorium gathering each mouners names before the time of the funeral service is to take place. These will be given to you after the funeral. You may wish however to have a memorial book for special messages.

How many people can be seated in a limousine?

Each limousine accommodates six in the rear and there is room for one person in the front alongside the chauffeur.

What about catering arrangements after the funeral?

If catering is required you can make your own arrangements or we can provide details of local catering establishments
or catering services.

When is the funeral account payable?

The funeral account is sent to the person responsible for making arrangements or the solicitor approximately seven days following the funeral. Payment is then required within 28 days and can be settled in cash or by cheque.

How soon after the burial can I put a headstone on the grave?

The times vary depending on the type of ground. We will also be happy to assist you with any headstones or memorials
that you may require.


Gavin Palin Funeral Services are here for you to ask any questions you may have and are available to answer them 24 hours, day or night.


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