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"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"
Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
Horse Drawn Hearse - Funeral Director Nantwich
Funeral Services


We are commited to provide a personal and professional funeral service for you, your family and your loved one. As well as providing such a special service, our other services can include:



Crewe Crematorium
Order Of Service

We can offer a range of stationery to ensure the service runs orderly. This can be tailored to your specific requirements on a wide range of boards including photographs and pictures as required. We will discuss this with you when attending to the arrangements.




These are published free in local papers. We will require from you a short piece of writing telling us about the life of the deceased, this is often the same as you would give to the person conducting the funeral service. Examples of these can be given if required.

Press Notices

You may require us to place an announcement in the local or national paper.

This has several useful objectives.

1. To inform anyone wishing to attend the funeral together with the date, time and location.

2. To express your wishes regarding flowers or donations to a specified charity.

Note: We would not recommend the publishing of the address from where the funeral is to leave.

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Flowers 3.jpg
Floral Tributes


Flowers are traditionally the most silent but most visible sign of emotion, love and respect. We can arrange floral tributes on your behalf and have a selection of brochures for you to choose from. 

Flowers 1.jpg
Flowers 4.jpg

Donations To Charities

If donations to charity are requested we will accept and list donations on your behalf and forward them in due course to
the nominated charity.

Live Streaming a Funeral Service

If you have family or friends who are unable to attend the funeral service of your loved one, we can offer to you the option of live streaming to allow them to feel a part of the service, just via the internet. We provide you with a private link for you to share with who you wish, it is safe and secure to allow only your chosen people to access the live stream of your loved ones funeral service.

Please speak to us if this is something you would like to have as part of the funeral arrangements and we will arrange everything for you.

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