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Our Keepsake Selection

Eternity Candle

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Candle Image

Memorial Eternity Candle is a lovely, tactile, solid wood cube which can be personalised to create a truly unique memorial keepsake.

Light your Memorial Candle on a birthday, anniversary, or any time you would like to especially remember your loved one.

It has a hidden recess below the candle holder where a keepsake quantity of ashes or small mementos can be stored discreetly and securely in a small glass container.

The Memorial Candle has a baized base, to protect surfaces, and comes with a glass ashes or memento container, candle holder and tealight candle.

Keepsake Wooden Heart

Keepsake Heart2.jpg
Keepsake Heart.jpg

Our Heart Shaped Keepsake Urn is beautifully carved from natural oak and is the perfect size to hold in the palm of your hand to keep a comforting reminder of your loved one close by.

It is designed to discreetly hold a tiny quantity of ashes, along with photos and other small mementos and can be personalised with engraving of motifs, messages and dates.

Tribute Box

Tribute Photo Box2.jpg
Tribute Photo Box1.jpg

This stylish and contemporary bamboo ashes casket with photo frame lid is a discreet way to keep your loved ones ashes at home.

Made from laminated bamboo, this beautiful casket helps to celebrate your relative or friends life with your favourite picture. It comes with a black flocked memento shelf where you can keep small personal items, whilst concealing the ashes compartment beneath.


The lid closes with a recessed magnetic catch.

Tribute Frame

T-Frames 1.jpg
T-Frames 2.jpg

Tribute Frames are the ultimate in discreet ashes caskets.

These stylish and beautifully crafted solid Photo Frames Urns have a cleverly concealed ashes casket housed discreetly behind a photo of your loved one. So discreet that most people would never know it was there.

These Photo Frames Urns are hand-crafted in solid wood in our own workshop in Sussex.

The choice of designs and sizes make the Tribute Frame a very attractive memorial to a much-loved and missed friend or relative, suitable for any home.


There are options for single or multiple photographs – which can also be used for a combination of photos and a suitable message or verse – and, depending on model, may be wall-mounted or free-standing. The choice of ashes capacities in the Mini and Midi frame models offers families even more choice – a larger ashes container or a larger frame size.

Memory Stone

Memory Stone.jpg
Memory Stone2.jpg

Highly polished black Agate stone that can hold a keepsake amount of ashes.


Comforting to hold and can be personalised with engraving on both sides.

Memory Bear

Memory Bear
Memory Bear Rear

The Memory Bear huggable keepsake urn was created especially to help families keep precious memories of their loved ones safe.

The specially-designed zipped compartment in its back contains a soft pouch suitable for storing ashes, or other much-loved keepsakes.

The Memory Bear can be personalised by adding a ribbon with the message of your choice, in blue, pink or white.

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If you wish to have a keepsake item that is not shown here,

we will always help find what you are looking for.

Please contact us for any enquiries, telephone 01270 624153.

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