Our Coffin and Casket Selection

Traditional Selection

Modern Selection

Environmentally Friendly Selection

Wicker Selection

Bamboo Eco Round.png
Bamboo Lattice Traditional.png
Banana Round.png
Brown and Natural.png
Bamboo Eco Traditional.png
Banana Cerise Casket.png
Banana Traditional.png
English Willow - Green & Light.png
Bamboo Lattice Round.png
Banana Ebony Casket.png
Brown and Natural Round.png
English Willow - Green & Light2.png
English Willow Round - Colours.png
English Willow Round - Green & Natural.p
English Willow Round - Natural & Brown.p
English Willow Round - Natural & Light.p
Green and Natural.png
English Willow Traditional - Natural & B
Pandanus Round.png
Green and Natural Round.png
White and Natural.png
White Natural Round.png
Willow Highsted Light.png
Willow Cromer Round Light.png
Willow Cromer Round.png
Willow Highsted Traditional.png
Willow Pod Light.png
Willow Pod.png


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