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Our Coffin and Casket Selection

Traditional Selection

YORK Traditional Coffin Light Oak.jpg
CANTERBURY Traditional Coffin Medium Mah
HARDWICK Traditional Coffin Medium Oak.j
LINCOLN Traditional Coffin Light Mahogan
HIGHGROVE Traditional Casket Dark
BELMONT Traditional Coffin Light Oak.jpg
WESTMINSTER Traditional Coffin Medium Da
RUTLAND Traditional CoffinLight Oak.jpg
WINDSOR Traditional Coffin Medium Dark O
CHATSWORTH Traditional Coffin Light Oak.
BUCKINGHAM Traditional Coffin Light Oak.
KENSINGTON Traditional Coffin Light Oak.
REGENCY Traditional Casket Medium
SANDRINGHAM Traditional Coffin Light Mah
WINDERMERE Traditional Coffin Limed Oak.
WARWICK Traditional Coffin Light Oak.jpg
BALMORAL Traditional Casket Dark Mahogan
SOUTHWELL Traditional Coffin Light Oak.j
RICHMOND Traditional Coffin Dark Mahogan
WESTMINSTER Traditional Coffin Medium Da

Modern Selection

PASTEL Modern Coffin White.jpg
STUDIO Modern Coffin Red.jpg
STUDIO Modern Coffin Blue.jpg
STUDIO Modern Coffin Black.jpg
PICTURE CARDBOARD Coffin Fuchsias and Bu
PICTURE WOODEN Coffin Blushing Roses.jpg
PICTURE WOODEN Coffin Fisherman.jpg

Environmentally Friendly Selection

BASILDON CARDBOARD Environmentally Frien
BASILDON CARDBOARD Environmentally Frien
FORESTER Environmentally Friendly Coffin

Wicker Selection

Bamboo Eco Round.png
Bamboo Lattice Traditional.png
Bamboo Eco Traditional.png
Banana Cerise Casket.png
Bamboo Lattice Round.png
Banana Ebony Casket.png
Banana Round.png
Brown and Natural.png
Banana Traditional.png
English Willow - Green & Light.png
Brown and Natural Round.png
English Willow - Green & Light2.png
English Willow Round - Colours.png
English Willow Round - Natural & Light.p
Green and Natural.png
White Natural Round.png
Willow Highsted Light.png
English Willow Round - Green & Natural.p
English Willow Traditional - Natural & B
Pandanus Round.png
Willow Cromer Round Light.png
Willow Highsted Traditional.png
English Willow Round - Natural & Brown.p
Green and Natural Round.png
White and Natural.png
Willow Cromer Round.png
Willow Pod Light.png
Willow Pod.png

Personalised Selection - Any image of your choice

Personal Photos
Pastures Green
Rough Wood
Purring Pals
Horse Racing
Pool Table
Eyes Down
On The Road
Ivory Rock
Boom Box
Lets Rave
Vintage Vehicle

If you wish to choose a coffin that is not shown here,

we will always help find what you are looking for.

Please contact us for any enquiries, telephone 01270 624153.

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